Programs for the Scripting Course

Several programs are referenced throughout the scripting manual. The latest version of Teamtalk should still work with the scripts in the manual & may be installed from:



Click the following link to download Calendar Magic





I’m not responsible for any decrease in protection of your PC if you fail to heed the following warning.


The following program is an earlier version of MalwareBytes. If you have a later version, please do not install this earlier version to the default directory. Instead, make a new folder prior to installation, then install this program to that folder. Failure to do so may decrease your computer’s protection. You have been duly warned!


Scripts for Xampp

Xampp, which is available from, makes it easy to have a webserver on your computer by installing the most common elements you'll need, e.g., Apache, Mysql, php, as well as FileZilla, Tomcat, & Mercury.


While scripts are not at all necessary for the operation of the application, they do make using the GUI a bit easier. So, here they are. Enjoy.


Sample Content


In response to requests for a sample of my scripting materials, i.e., a "try-before-you-buy" type of arrangement, I am providing this sample material. Because of the class structure, it was pretty nigh unto impossible to start each lecture on a chapter boundary; therefore, this lecture begins at the portion of Chapter 3 regarding constants. I hope it gives an adequate representation of how this course is taught. The files contained in the zip archive is chapter 3 of the lecture, as well as the 3rd class in the series. Enjoy.


Welcome to Screen Reader Scripting, a site for all things pertaining to scripting of screen readers for the blind, including Jaws for Windows, Window-eyes, Dolphin, and Orca. At this point in time, the content will focus specifically on training opportunities which I personally provide, but, over time, I hope it will become a significant resource for all things related to scripting of screenreaders.

Because some of the content pertains to instructional materials which I have created, those posts are password-protected, and therefore only those who have purchased the materials will have access.

Again, welcome–I hope you enjoy your stay and will find what you're looking for here, and, if there's anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. Please note, however, that the ability to do so is available only to *registered* users. So sign up today and become a part of the screenreader scripting community!