Don’t Buy these if…

  • You don't want to spend money.
  •   You just want to read text, not listen to lectures.
  • You don't want an instructor to whom you can email questions, send in your exercises for grading and comments, or bounce scripting problems off of.


Truthfully, the products are not mutually exclusive–by all means, read the FS Basics of Scripting and the FS Development Network documentation. Realize that the Basics of Scripting documentation does not include documentation regarding the latest features such as collections and arrays, but it is a very good introductory text. The FSDN is very important, and in fact my materials discuss in depth how to use it to its greatest advantage.



2 thoughts on “Don’t Buy these if…”

  1. Good morning:  Your site is good but with no sample material, I am not tempted to buy. I have 23 years in the training field and will not buy training material if I have not previewed the content. Guy Castonguay, IT Training Administrator, Parliament Hill, Canada.

  2. Hi, I could really do with asking a couple of questions about your training material before I purchase.
    Is there an email address I can contact you on?

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